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It was heart breaking among the locals to learn that the oldest structure in Kuala TerrenganuHo Ann Kiong temple was blazed by fire at 930pm on Monday. The 200-years old Chinese temple built in 1801 was ravaged almost 60%  of the entire structure.The Ho Ann Kiong temple, built by the early Hokkien community and situated at the city’s Chinatown tourist belt. the temple was the oldest and largest Chinese place of worship in the state.

However, i was amazed by the strong wills of some locals which will use whatever ways they can to find the same material and rebuild the temple at any cost. In addition, State assemblyman for Bandar, Toh Chin Yaw who was also at the scene said that the temple’s building materials were brought in from China about 200 years ago. It not easy to rebuild the temple as some of the material inside was priceless and hard to be sourced now, even in China. Hopefully, the temple will be rebuild back. 

Not a really good news despite it is still in the auspicious month of Chinese New Year and just finished praying to heaven god (bai tin gong) , but still i have posted 2 video about the fire incident of the temple. Wish you all again a Happy Chinese New Year ! 


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