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Just a day after Maxis announced the release date of the Iphone 4 in Malaysia which was 26th of September as well as release the specific plan and pricing for its Iphone 4. At about 11.50pm(Malaysia time, 20th of September), Digi has announced that their company will release the iphone 4 on the 24th of September.

This was what apparently to be Maxis's ads and its plan.

For more information about Maxis plan, click here !

Digi, however , did not release their plan and pricing yet but according to their website , Digi will keep all the apple fans an updates in few days time. I cant imagine how the war will gonna end, but i'm confident that Digi will release a better and much more affordable plan against its rival , Maxis.  Anyway, this was the ads that just released by Digi.
What most people include me believe that the 4 apples represent the " Iphone 4 ". About the goat, erm... apparently the person who came out this idea about the goat seem to be inspired by a Malaysian forum called '' . The user in the forum tend to use " Kambing " which was Malay language of goat as " coming " . So in this ads, Digi tried to tell peoples that iphone 4 will be coming by 24th of September ! .

So right now, we will wait for the official announcement from Digi to make a smarter choice. :)

A few days ago, my friend ( George ) suddenly mentioned to me about what his friend has thought about. What his friend thought was , normally when someone's wife are pregnant, a lot of their relatives will pay them a visit and also to congratulate them by rubbing their hand gently on the wife's belly. Somehow, why nobody rub their hand gently on the husband's penis? Well, because it was the penis who did most of the job , so my friend's friend feel that it was like the penis did not get any reward for the job done.

However, come to think about it, i personally will find it weird and also awkward when my penis will be molest by all of my relatives. So what do you think about it? :) Do you agree with George's friend? Please share your opinion.

Just watched Piranha , it was a goddamn movie. The worst movie that i ever watch , it was not because the storyline suck , it is because the whole movie was very disgusting and disturbing than all the movie that i have ever watch ( just from my point of view ) as i really vomit out my dinner , luckily i did not vomit or it will be a bad day for the person sit right infront of me ^_^ . However, certain people might find it fun and exciting as the movie really is exciting just it disgusted me a lot. Basically, the whole movie was about Piranha eating people, full of blood and you can see how those fishes eat human flesh. So for those who don't like to see how human been eaten alive and full of blood , my advise is don't watch it or you will feel the same as mine and it was also not suitable to watch with family as it's too much gore and nudity. :)
Here is a trailor for you to get some idea about what the movie about , but trust me the real movie is disgusting than the trailor a lot.

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