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It was heart breaking among the locals to learn that the oldest structure in Kuala TerrenganuHo Ann Kiong temple was blazed by fire at 930pm on Monday. The 200-years old Chinese temple built in 1801 was ravaged almost 60%  of the entire structure.The Ho Ann Kiong temple, built by the early Hokkien community and situated at the city’s Chinatown tourist belt. the temple was the oldest and largest Chinese place of worship in the state.

However, i was amazed by the strong wills of some locals which will use whatever ways they can to find the same material and rebuild the temple at any cost. In addition, State assemblyman for Bandar, Toh Chin Yaw who was also at the scene said that the temple’s building materials were brought in from China about 200 years ago. It not easy to rebuild the temple as some of the material inside was priceless and hard to be sourced now, even in China. Hopefully, the temple will be rebuild back. 

Not a really good news despite it is still in the auspicious month of Chinese New Year and just finished praying to heaven god (bai tin gong) , but still i have posted 2 video about the fire incident of the temple. Wish you all again a Happy Chinese New Year ! 

I'm amazed by the  dazzling light showcase at i-City in Shah Alam.The i-City which is a retail and commercial hub with advanced information-communication infrastructure in Section 8 , has installed millions of LED lights to brighten up the night.! 

BARCELONA, Spain — Cellphones aren’t the only things on display at the Mobile World Congress show. Motorola is showing off its new headset, the Golden-i, a joint venture with mini-display maker Kopin. It makes the need for typed commands almost obselete. The hands-free terminal fits under a contructional helmet and provides a tiny little screen before your eye. This screen simulates a 15 inch display and also has a headphone, a microphone along with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for talking to other devices. Simply use some cool voice-controlled commands to call out names of folders and application to open or launch them. The voice detection software, supplied by Nuance and called VoCon3200, ignores normal conversation, only listening to commands when there is a gap first, so you can say “my pictures” as part of sentence and it will be ignored. Besides, the headset also tracks the position of your head, so you can move around and have, say, picture overlaid on reality stay put.
Surely, this will remind you of some futurist sci-fi flick you must've seen a few years ago. 

As the Chinese New Year was approaching , a lot of mall's keeper took this golden opportunity to hire dancers and others to perform in order to attract customers to their Malls.

    The Berjaya Times Square Mall dancer.
Aeon Bukit Tinggi Performer :)
    If you're lack of confident , this mirror is best suit you. :)
   Becareful when you're driving ! Don't simply park your car as it will let your car get clamp. Wish you good luck in your journey !!
  Lastly , wish you a Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine's day !! Wish you will be bless with prosperity , happiness and health !!

Also known as LG-SU430, KU4300 and LU4300, LG’s latest cute clamshell phone Lollipop 2 will hit Korea this Week-end.It's a very adorable clamshell phone that is going to be a hit with the girls. This new version has a 2.5 times more hidden LED (hidden under the phone lid). This means you can “Pimp” your phone any way you want with your desired graphic or animation. You can also  having specific animation for your SMS, e-Mail and calls. ou also are treated to 5 different “Cute” themes or skins for your GUI, the usual DMB TV tuner, Camera, GPS and much more. It's definitely a steal.Lastly, there’s no word as to whether it would travel outside the country.


It has been a little over two months since the Barnes and Noble Nook first went on sale and the popular e-reader is finally ready to make its nationwide in-store debut. In the mean time, Barnes and Noble have made the most of this and decided to bring out the Nook.  It’s like making hay while the sun shines.Surely, the Nook will be a hot favorite among Valentine’s Day shopper, now that it’s all new and all. Folks looking to score a Nook before the Valentines Day holiday can use the online Nook locator to see which local stores have one in stock starting February 10th. Good Luck ! 

Researchers have built a new super-small "nanodragster" that improves on prior nanocar designs and could speed up efforts to craft molecular machines.It’s said to be 50,000 times thinner than a single strand of human hair. It is driven using electricity or heat.Spherical molecules called buckyballs made of 60 carbon atoms each serve as the big rear wheels. Due to chemical attractions, these wheels nicely grip the "dragstrip," which is made of a superfine layer of gold rather than pavement. For the front wheels, the scientists opted for a less sticky compound called p-carborane.
Surely it looks crappy, more like a diseased octopus rather than any thing else. But imagine the records it’s broken. Smallest wheel-base, most inaccessible, lightest vehicle, etc.

Every time i went to KL City Centre , i mostly went there by car and this is my first time travel with public transport . SO now , I as the future Prime Minister of Malaysia ! As usual will follow other Minister-Minister to use the public transport and tried to feel the suffering of those loyalty public transport passenger.

I started my journey from Maluri LRT Station.

The LRT was quite crowded but still got some space for me and i felt safe that i wont get molest by strangers ! Hehe

This uncle was really kind ! He offered the seat for my uncle ! He was one of the good example of 1Malaysia!
I travel from Station Maluri to Station Hang Tuah by LRT. Then, change to the next station( KL Monorial) and went to Station Bukit Bintang by KL Monorial.
Damn ! The KL Monorial was worst ! It was pack like sardines , cant believe i had lost my pureness to the surrounding stranger in just 1 day  !! Ahhhh!!!

  We went to several Mall such as Sungei Wang , Times Square and Pavilion !

This is the surrouding of the Pavilion ,you can see that there is a big fountain right in front of the Mall ! The fountain was placed and design by an unknown Feng Shui Master and it is a Wishing Fountain !I had placed my wish in the fountain , so wish me wish come true ya.. :)
The Wishing Fountain again! Haha
Pavilion is a girl paradise but a boy nightmare ! Well, I'm future Prime Minister !! SO who cares??
The picture below are some random picture taken in Bukit Bintang area and the objective was to share with my oversea friend ! :D Enjoy~


Remember the rhyme about Georgy Porgy? He kissed the girls and made them cry. May be he likes seeing them crying, may be he is a sadistic prick after all. But hey, he isn't the only one. These dudes from Japan found out that it's totally cool to have a DVD that featured a few cute minor Japanese celeb chicks crying. 11 to be specific.

The "11 stories of people crying in earnest", as the DVD's tag line states, include some that really don't seem so terrible but instead reflect the rigors of being an up & coming model in Japan's fiercely competitive "idol" culture:
* Marika, who was yelled at by her manager.
* Risa, who had been jilted by her boyfriend.
* Nana, who saw a bad picture of herself in a magazine.
* Shiho, who cried when her boyfriend said goodbye.
* Mai, who cried "touching the loneliness of the city".
* Yutaka, who has a friend with breast cancer who's engaged to marry.

This is a tricky concept, but it seems that men in Japan need to have their "conquering instinct" stoked up, and the way to do this is by watching beautiful women cry. Yep, in a nutshell: men feel stronger after experiencing the weakness of women. Try expressing that select philosophical nugget over here and you'll earn yourself a swift kick in the, er, nutshells.

But hey - Japan is a different culture and Crying Girl just underlines that fact. What's that? Oh, the Crying Girl DVD will cost you 2,940 yen (discounted to 2,176 yen, about $24), 
included. Knock yourself (and ONLY yourself) out.

At night, we went to Tai Thong restaurant in Cheras Plaza ( Near Leisure Mall ) . I didn't took a lot of picture due to busy serving guest, relatives and friends.

The guest hallway to the entrance!

The entrance.

   This is the 1st dish of the dinner and also consider as the starting meal. Before the dinner start, the lights were turned off , and about ten servant came in holding the 1st dish with some kind of special fibre tree equipped with colour lights for special effect. And they start to say some alien language....

    As usual, the 1st dish will start with a few kind of food in it normally 4-5 type of food.
   And the shark fin soup will be the second dish.
  My favourite dish ! Fried crispy piglet ! However, this dish just half piglet and half roasted chicken *sigh*
  The main character again. Pouring wine into the glasses which arranged in a pyramid shape.
   This is my cousin's daughter. She is so cute .. O.O

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