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IN case, someone dunno about chinese wedding system in Malaysia. Each wedding got a specific date and time and the bridegroom shall not late to fetch the bride or it might bring bad luck to the family. And the worst part is , after reaching bride's house , the bride's friends will stop the bridegroom and he must complete certain mission before can enter, usually involve giving Red Packet( Hong Bao ). 

This is my 1st time follow the bridegroom and his fellow brothers to complete some impossible and possible task! We start our journey at 8am in the morning. 

    The bridegroom's car !! 
   We arrived at the ground floor of the bride's condominium and i was told to help carry this roast pig to the bride's condo. I was laughing silently *after saw a lift at the corner of the wall* . This task must be easy.

I: Ok ! No problem. Let the boy do the job , you all step aside. 
They: You sure you can handle or not? Later you faint down how? 
I: Don't look down at me ok? I show you what is call man's job ! But since this pig is big and i might unable to carry it by myself, why dont one of you help me up? 
They: Haha , scare already?? 
I: zzzz... 

Walked toward the lift..saw a note. OMG ! The whole lift system spoiled , my heart start to pump faster and faster.  

I : Eh, which floor is it?? 
They : 25 
I: What?? !!! Are you kidding me???* argh..this time die liao.. *
They: No ! No ! No ! Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! is 15 actually..
I: you sure? =.=ll 
Bridegroom: Eh, don't scare him ia , just fifth floor
I: Oh, fifth floor. 

SO have to use stair and carry the whole pig to fifth floor and the worst part is i'm infornt which mean i have to climb the stairs with my back facing infront. Reached fifth floor , and here the game start. The bride's partner just let the pig in and stopped us outside of the door. They gave us some weird " pau" and ask us to finish off all of it. I cant take any picture this time as i have to eat the weird Bun( pau )  . Argh.. what taste is that? The Bun ( pau ) tasted so awful it was pack with some kind of yellow cream.. like  the colour of our natural cake business.Luckily, we got the brain and play cheat , we move to the other side of the corridor and threw all the Bun( pau ) away( down to the floor) . Finally , the bride's partner demand for red packet and after the bargain , the bridegroom gave the red packet for them and the main door was opened. Now is next task, the bride was in the room and we have to complete the task before the room's door will gonna open. They demand us to turn those plain bread's shape to a love shape. 

    The Heroes of the day ! 

Some breads samples .

  A batman's emblem bread( I think is batman) hahaha.. 
   The box of the wedding ring ! * Some romantic scene is in the making*

Finally mission accomplish and the the door of the room had opened ! So now , in chinese wedding that the bride and the bridegroom have to pray(pai)  to the sky god and also to each other , so that they will respect and loyal toward each other. 
   The bridegroom and the bridge ! 
   So sweet  !!! isn't it? Hehehe.. 

Some random picture, 


The pig head's got some number on it. What they believe was " 9358 " . Can you try to figure other number out? Haha.. it might bring wealth to you. May god of prosperity be with you ! :) 



the piggy is big o.o n gross looking...

yeah ..a big pig. :)

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