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Remember the rhyme about Georgy Porgy? He kissed the girls and made them cry. May be he likes seeing them crying, may be he is a sadistic prick after all. But hey, he isn't the only one. These dudes from Japan found out that it's totally cool to have a DVD that featured a few cute minor Japanese celeb chicks crying. 11 to be specific.

The "11 stories of people crying in earnest", as the DVD's tag line states, include some that really don't seem so terrible but instead reflect the rigors of being an up & coming model in Japan's fiercely competitive "idol" culture:
* Marika, who was yelled at by her manager.
* Risa, who had been jilted by her boyfriend.
* Nana, who saw a bad picture of herself in a magazine.
* Shiho, who cried when her boyfriend said goodbye.
* Mai, who cried "touching the loneliness of the city".
* Yutaka, who has a friend with breast cancer who's engaged to marry.

This is a tricky concept, but it seems that men in Japan need to have their "conquering instinct" stoked up, and the way to do this is by watching beautiful women cry. Yep, in a nutshell: men feel stronger after experiencing the weakness of women. Try expressing that select philosophical nugget over here and you'll earn yourself a swift kick in the, er, nutshells.

But hey - Japan is a different culture and Crying Girl just underlines that fact. What's that? Oh, the Crying Girl DVD will cost you 2,940 yen (discounted to 2,176 yen, about $24), 
included. Knock yourself (and ONLY yourself) out.


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