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Well, this is my 1st time blog about my personal stuff, still newbie here so don't mind ok?
This time i arrived at KL was already  5 o'clock plus , kind of unlucky due to most of people going back from work. Kl was 1 of the cities that got the worst traffic jams during peak hours and the way KL-ian was really horrible and rude. Besides, KL do have a lot of police ,while on the way to suite in Cheras ,i saw a female police inspector(I believe) she was wearing a plain cloth and driving a Honda Accord police car alone. The interesting part was she was actually talking on the phone while driving(breaking the law) and i continue staring at her  like a beast going hunting for prey , i was indeed got the intention to take some photo but suddenly she just turn and stare at me ,so we face to face staring at each other and i'm so shocked that i didn't dare to take up my camera..and that's the reason i failed to capture any picture of her. Sorry for disappointed you guys.

                                         This is the lounge of the suite.

                                          The Kitchen.

                                         This is the other bedroom of the suite( I living in 2 bedroom suite)
                                         My uncle and aunt will take this room.

                                          And this is my room.
                              City view from my window. This is KL city skyline that without make up. :D

           KL city with make up , i believe you cant see it clearly due to my poor camera skill and also lousy                      
           camera. Sorry again..

There got a lot of Karaoke in that place. This is 1 of it which was in front of a bar.

LOL, The lamest thing that i ever do..haha.. thanks to my camera sound , everyone were staring at me when i took the picture of him.*sigh* 


the pictures look awesome!!! i'd like to c tha for myself =P n lol about takin the picture of tha guy

I will always welcome you..haha

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