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To those who cant see:

On 26/12/09 at about 5pm, I was at a LAN gaming shop in Dhoby Ghost playing Maple Story. I thus(blurry word) willingly allowed my gaming friend by the name of Medixion to borrow my game item, a Red Katana which is worth about $500 - in Singapore currency. I told my friend over the internet to return it on the same day at night however till today I have yet to receive the said item. I am lodging this report for my own record purpose.

Well, i dunno the Red Katana can cost such a large amount of money. *sigh* Last time , the hacker hack away my main account i also didn't report to the police and if that red katana can cost so much money then how about my main account's item and equipments? Haha.. Well, all of this had became history. Kids nowadays play game till so beware you guys , don't go and steal or scam people's lollipop :)


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