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When you bring Ipad to Japan and your Ipad got urinated by some old people in Japan , please don't angry and jumping like some kind of mad monkey haha.. because the name " Ipad " was similar to a Japanese based product called " The Aipad". It was a high-tech adult diaper.

The Aipad has "2 lines of aluminium that connected with some sensor unit. So when the old man pees and the diaper was soaked , the sensor will alert their caretakers or some of his/her relative via radio waves. This is to let them to know that is time to change diaper ! 
So remember don't bring your Ipad to Japan or tell them about your new Ipad device or else....... :) 

Well, most of you have already heard about the Apple ipad aka islate.Early this morning, Apple officially announced its tablet device, the Apple Ipad which cost about  $499 (RM1746.5) as oppose to its rumored price of a whooping $1000. What i can say is , Apple manage to upgrade the size of their iPod Touch to a 10” display, but it comes with a SIM card tray on its Wi-Fi + 3G model. The Ipad also run  with a 1GHz Apple Processor with a storage capacity up to 16 GB, 32GB and 64GB, and it also comes with an impressive battery life that can last up to 10hours of active usage. The Wi-Fi models will be available in late March and the 3G models will be available in April. For more information , please visit Apple . 

Hitler is informed about the Apple iPad and he obviously like usually hopes it's a failure.

Created by hitlerrantsparodies
Clip From Downfall (Der Untergang)

Forgot who is the Nanny fellow in the house? Let me help you recall it, watch this video. :)

Nokia will sell off their newly released X6 for just Rm 66. Yup, it's no kidding , but there's a condition. You must be dressed in blue and pink before you can join the event. And the event will be held on 29th of Jan in Bukit Kiara Equestrian Park Indoor Arena. Well, here comes the bad news, nothing is free in this world , only 66 units of X6 will be available for the sales and only the selected 66 recipients with selected coupons can buy the phones. SO you have to pay it with your luck, dude !

For more information please look at the picture:

Source: Nokia

Good news to Gundam's fans . The Bandai Japan had launched a new USB stick in his series "figure" this time with a version GNO3 Gundam (Gundam Network Operation), which is derived from the famous online strategy game.
The key to when it is equipped with 1GB of 4GB taken by the game GN03 pre-installed to run on Windows XP/Vista/7.
More picture:

Well, this might be the future of the phone haha..

Seem like Nokia finally release their secret weapon to attract more customer for their smartphone. Nokia had released its free turn-by-turn navigation on Google Maps that don’t even need to pay for data charges to load a map!  And yes, this is true !! Nokia has officially announced that Ovi Maps will be free, forever, so if you’re using a Nokia phone with GPS, check out the download link at As I am typing this now, yes, I’m downloading the new version of Ovi Maps for my phone.

Finally the rumour is true that the SE Vivaz aka Kurara was a true deal. This phone was a other smartphone( especially iphone) killer machine. Why? because it had 8.1 Megapixel camera with perks like face detection that's also completely capable of shooting 720P videos and uploading them to services like YouTube or playing them back through TV-out. It also have FM radio, AGPS, WiFi, TV-out at VGA resolution, a 3.2-inch WVGA display and power with  S60 5th Edition . The phone come with 4 cool colour which is Moon Silver, Cosmic Black, Galaxy Blue, and Venus Ruby. However, there was no confirm on the exact date for the phone to be release, but the price is  running somewhere between $670 and $750 in select markets.

So who will win?

Hey everyone..!! Apple will held an event to show off  their so called " latest cration " on 27th of January. The proceedings will take place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco, and will get underway at 10AM Pacific!! So what are you waiting for?? * Flying to San Francisco* 

I got this News from a Chinese news website.

Taiwan waitress dressed nurses to save bleak catering equipment catering industry in Taiwan in the economic downturn sights on the larger environment of source, tricks 100. In Taipei, one called "DS" in the hospital theme restaurant, "Qiao nurse" used as a guest attendants send "bottle on a string" drink.

Modeled on the restaurant's dining table bed making, male and female attendants dressed as doctors and nurses were entertaining guests. Modeled on the restaurant's dining table bed making, male and female attendants dressed as doctors and nurses were entertaining guests

this is called " Nurse for the guests, injections. " :)

Guests door first "register" restaurant is a "medical clinics" , lobby seating is " general ward" box is " intensive care unit " 

More pictures : 

Thank you Micheal for sharing this to me. :D
So, does the picture got something wrong?

Nothing matches the pleasure of relaxing in the tranquility of a bathtub, but nothing could match the ecstasy of modern spa technology after a long day at work. This brand-new multifunction computerized whirlpool tub with LCD TV steals away the tranquility for the better with its five adjustable body massage jets, 14 whirlpool bubble bath jets, six small water jets, underwater mood lamp, 15mm teak board and handheld shower. To indulge in a state of complete ecstasy, this computerized whirlpool (74″ X 36″ X 26″) is designed with the highest quality in craftsmanship and unparalleled technological innovation. Priced at $2999, Aquapeutics offers a three-year limited parts warranty to drench you with its opulence.

Now everyone is happy that Facebook finally have an anti-virus tie up that will ensure you're protected against Viruses and Spyware. The Good news is they have tied up with anti-virus giants, McAfee ! Here comes the bad news , McAfee oly provide a free six month subscription to McAfee's security software. And here is the company trick , At the end of this period, special discounts will be offered to users to choose to continue the service ( this is how they earn money ) The service is only for users with Windows operating systems. This is what we call that " There is no free lunch in this world " . To sign up with it , you need to provide your credit card information and paypal ID . And after six month of Honeymoon is time to increase your burden and no more Honeymoon... Good luck.. :) 

Erm..i gonna review it as simple as possible and not gonna be a spoiler haha.. As usual that the movie was kind of funny and it was like a James Bond's style funny movie. For my personal opinion, i think that the storyline was not that bad. It's the movie that loaded with a lot of actions and laughs . In the movie you will be laugh out with a lot of cool spy gadget in it. Besides, it also as silly as usual ,cartoonish and far from a classic but nonetheless feels fast, funny, fresh and harmless. Please be sure to stay through the end credits for outtakes. 
 At the end of the movie i personally kind of satisfied with the it, just unhappy that i didn't ate enough of the popcorn due to my friend over excited and tears off the whole popcorn's box .. haha..

While Google awaits Execution,  the chinese citizen already in mourning about Google which was about to pull out entirely from China .

Source: ziboy

Finally Google had fed up and no longer willing to continue censoring our results on and it may pull of out the country entirely. Google explain that part of the reason was the recent cyber attack on Google as well as "at least twenty other large companies" over the course of the last month and that have led them to conclude that they should review the feasibility of our business operations in China. So now how will the china goverment react over this matter? 

Source: Official Google Blog

Have you ever see a 3D phone before? Recently, a Taiwanese company called Innovision took things up a notch with their HoloAD technology . The phone doesn't require a 3D supported glasses and it was using 3D steroids.  How it works? It is actually quite simple , the system is placed a transparent glass pyramid-like casing that’s flat at the rear then a set of three seperate images are projected onto the trapezoidal sides giving it a 3D hologram look. Besides , the company kind of  emanating from the iPhone that’s placed inside this shell. That is what brilliant was call. 

Now everybody is going green and to save energy.And now there's a sugar fuel cell that operate by simply pour your coke into it .Chinese designer Daizi Zheng has conjured up a vision for a soft drink-powered cylindrical Nokia of the future that pounds Coca-Colas to stay juiced.The phone uses a bio battery that generates energy from carbohydrates. The only residue of the whole charging process is some water and oxygen. How to charge the phone? just screw off the top, pop the can, and pour. Daizi estimates that that a single can of the stuff could outlast a traditional lithium ion battery by three to four times! 

Here is some good news for pet lovers. Now there's an extra reason for you to own a dog. Why? Because recently some mad scientist had came out of idea by turning your dog into a cellphone charger using solar panels. 

I doubt that a small end or occasional table is always handy to have around. So i decided to post it out hopping to help you guys. :) 

Here is the steps that you must follow in order to complete the task:

Step 1: 

Draw the Design

As usual, before start to do a certain thing we draw the plan/design 1st. 

Step 2: 

Gather the Cardboards and other Materials.

From my stock of cardboard (I always replenish my supply as I make things), I select the pieces I will need for the end table.

1.Assorted Clamps
2.Two inch craft papers
3.Flat Clamp blocks
4.Angle block

Step 3: 

Design is transferred to Cardboard

I use a pencil to draw my design. For circle cuts, I use a plate or saucer or any other round object of the correct size. Straight lines are drawn with any available straight edge.

1.Use plate for circle drawing template.
2.With simple CAD instrument
3.Straight edge for marking and cutting.

Step 4: 
Cut out Pieces 
The bandsaw is my main tool for cutting cardboard! Of course, I have scissors, box cutter knives, mat cutters, and my own cutting tool. What ever works, the goal is to make clean cuts that are accurate.

1.After the semi-circle is cut, these pieces are glued to side piece (left) .

1.Three layers glued together for top insides.
2.Three layers cut and glued on bottom of end table.

Step 5: 
Glue pieces together as Needed 
For the side pieces, I glued 4 pieces of cardboard together. Alternating the "grain" of the cardboard will increase the strength considerably. For the lower shelf, 4 pieces were used as well. For the top, I used 4 layers. The back is made up of two pieces.

1.Use have to use this much glue.

1.Glue weight and wait

1.Waiting with weights

1.Note 4 layers of cardboard.

Step 6: 
Test Pieces To see that your design is Valid. 
Try to put the pieces together to make sure everything lines up properly. With the "dado" groove for the bottom shelf, the pieces should hold together to check alignment.

1.Top,inside pieces. 
2.Buttom, inside pieces. 
3." Dado " groove.

1.This piece of cardboard used on top is a factory finished piece, hence the orange color/design. Will be painted over later on.
2."Dry" run.

Step 7: 
Glue All pieces for Final Assembly
Glue the project together. I use a T-square as shown to check for squareness, and insure that the piece will be assembled to true square.

1. Angle block to join corners 
2. This is the clamping details 

1.Weight here
2.Glued and clamped on four corners.

1." Raw " edge to have craft paper strip added. 

1.The two inch craft paper, folded, glue added, and applied to corners.

1.Box contains 6x6 in tiles, used for this purpose as well as many others.
2.Note, craft paper glued to raw edges.
3.This is the top. Better to glue and weight it upside down!
4.For added strength, glue a folded piece of paper at the joint of the side and top.
Step 8: 
Finish Edges of Exposed Cardboard.
In this step, I just cut strips of craft paper (actually a grocery bag) that fit the edge exactly. This is glued on and allowed to dry.

1.End table is now complete except for final finishing.
2.Edges are finished with craft paper.

This is the Pre Paint table. 

Step 9: 
Choose A Finish For the End Table/Magazines/ Holder
Any of a number of finishes can be used, depending on the look you want to achieve. Acrylic paints are an excellent choice. Using basic painting techniques, a faux-wood look can be achieved quite easily. Or, you might want to cover it with colored papers, cloth, oil based stain, etc. That choice is up to you!

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