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My dream destination will be Japan. In my opinion,Japan can consider as the most advance country in the world . Basically, in Japan, we often will saw a lot of weird and cool gadget that not available at any other world.

Oh, did i mentioned that i'm an otaku? The reason i like Japan because of the anime and manga , in Japan there's an area in Tokyo that called " Akihabara " or "  Akihabara Electric Town " .  The area is a major shopping area for electronic, computer, anime, and otaku goods, including new and used items. New items are mostly to be found on the main street, Chūōdōri, with many kinds of used items found in the back streets of Soto Kanda 3-chome. First-hand parts for PC-building are readily available from a variety of stores. Tools, electrical parts, wires, microsized cameras and similar items are found in the cramped passageways of Soto Kanda 1-chōme (near the station). Foreign tourists tend to visit the big name shops like Laox or other speciality shops near the station, though there is more variety and lower prices at locales a little further away. Akihabara gained some fame through being home to one of the first stores devoted to personal robots and robotics.

One of the unique that Japan had to attract a lot of tourist was their sakura flower. The flower normally only blooms in spring and in Japan there's a culture where the sakura season arrived , they will bring all their family member to sakura-sakura park in Japan to have a picnic , this called " Hanabi " . It was also 1 of my wish to be able to picnic with my family and my beloved in such a wonderful pink world. 

Transportation in Japan was unable to describe by the word " incredible " especially the Japanese's bullet train or shinkansen . It was consider one of the fastest train in the world that had perfect record which was no accident being reported before. I wouldn't be surprise to see the perfect record as Japanese always concern about the safeness of everything. I had never travel with high speed train before and i will like to give my virgin high speed train experience to Japanese's bullet train. 

The ancient Japan world ! I'm always curious about how's the life of ancient japanese as they had grown so modern in 21st century. Apparently , Osaka Castle still exist and it played a major role in the unification of Japan during the sixteenth century of the Azuchi-Momoyama period. This is the reason why i wanted to visit Japan as to explore the history and ancient life of the japanese. 

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and

Went to Pikom PC Fair held in KL Convention Centre on Friday. The PC fair had causes massive jams around KLCC as thousand of tourist as well as local flood into the centre. I arrived at KLCC around 3.40 pm and go back at 8.45 pm, it takes such a long time because it consist of a few big hall that full of PC and other booth. Besides, i had snapped some picture as well as took it some of the content and picture from because i was busy looking for my PC accessories , so i did not snap some of the part which will be replaced by lowyat's picture.

Before you proceed, i have to warn you that it will be lots of picture , so proceed with your own risk and remember to prepare tissue just in case your nose start to bleed ! . :) 

Basically, these was what you will see when you toward to the conference hall where the PC fair was held. 

Intel PC Guru was the very 1st stop in PC Fair and it was the best placed to seek for consultant , if you plan to buy an Intel-based machine.
    The Banquet Hall was reserved specifically for audio brands.
  Crowd in the Ballroom area.


A lot of PC booth and also other stuff booth that full with PC related accessories along the hall.  


The many ways vendors were trying to attract customers. :) 

Some of the professional PC booth's Babes ! They sure is tempting right? :) 

The OSIDUN Radiation Reducer at Cudo Technologies booth. Simply the most unique product on sale at PC Fair(I) 2010 in KLCC. Do stop by at their booth to see them in action yourself.

Before you can get out from PC Fair, you have to go through the broadband war, where a lot of the the part time promoter from various broadband will try to stop you and explain their package to you. 

The surrounding scene outside of KL Convention Centre. 

If you're a from Sitiawan or a Fuzhou chinese you will probably know that what is Kompyang. Kompyang also called as " 光餅(Guang bing) " in chinese is a buns with onions or pork  that is usually eaten while still hot.

Besides,there's a legend behind the kompyang. According to legend, Kompyang was named after Qi Jiguang. When Qi Jiguang led his troops into Fujian in 1562, the Japanese pirates, fearing his name, engaged mainly in guerrilla-style battles. To enable Qi Jiguang's troops to march for days in pursuit of the enemy, the people of Fujian baked for them many disc-shaped cakes roughly the size of a palm. In the center of these cakes holes were made so that they could be strung together to be conveniently carried along. Later, to commemorate Qi Jiguang's victory against the pirate raiders, the cakes were named guang bing.

Anyway, there's a shop in Sitiawan that famous for their kompyang to people from outstation. Normally, the shop was packed by customer queue-ing to buy kompyang during weekend. The shop was located along the narrow street just beside the only huge yellow building in Sitiawan called " Wisma Ganda " 
Customer queue-ing to buy Kompyang. If you're unlucky you might have to wait for hours till they finish baked the fresh kompyang.

Those were the process of making kompyang, seem like they baked the kompyang in a special made round oven. Anyway, there's 2 type of kompyang available in Sitiawan. Normally we called them as " big kompyang" and "small kompyang" . Big kompyang was made with pork while the small kompyang was made with union. When it just baked out , it was hot and crispy and a little hard, but once it had cooled down , it will be as hard as arock and might eventually break your teeth. 

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