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If you're a from Sitiawan or a Fuzhou chinese you will probably know that what is Kompyang. Kompyang also called as " 光餅(Guang bing) " in chinese is a buns with onions or pork  that is usually eaten while still hot.

Besides,there's a legend behind the kompyang. According to legend, Kompyang was named after Qi Jiguang. When Qi Jiguang led his troops into Fujian in 1562, the Japanese pirates, fearing his name, engaged mainly in guerrilla-style battles. To enable Qi Jiguang's troops to march for days in pursuit of the enemy, the people of Fujian baked for them many disc-shaped cakes roughly the size of a palm. In the center of these cakes holes were made so that they could be strung together to be conveniently carried along. Later, to commemorate Qi Jiguang's victory against the pirate raiders, the cakes were named guang bing.

Anyway, there's a shop in Sitiawan that famous for their kompyang to people from outstation. Normally, the shop was packed by customer queue-ing to buy kompyang during weekend. The shop was located along the narrow street just beside the only huge yellow building in Sitiawan called " Wisma Ganda " 
Customer queue-ing to buy Kompyang. If you're unlucky you might have to wait for hours till they finish baked the fresh kompyang.

Those were the process of making kompyang, seem like they baked the kompyang in a special made round oven. Anyway, there's 2 type of kompyang available in Sitiawan. Normally we called them as " big kompyang" and "small kompyang" . Big kompyang was made with pork while the small kompyang was made with union. When it just baked out , it was hot and crispy and a little hard, but once it had cooled down , it will be as hard as arock and might eventually break your teeth. 


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