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Went to Pikom PC Fair held in KL Convention Centre on Friday. The PC fair had causes massive jams around KLCC as thousand of tourist as well as local flood into the centre. I arrived at KLCC around 3.40 pm and go back at 8.45 pm, it takes such a long time because it consist of a few big hall that full of PC and other booth. Besides, i had snapped some picture as well as took it some of the content and picture from because i was busy looking for my PC accessories , so i did not snap some of the part which will be replaced by lowyat's picture.

Before you proceed, i have to warn you that it will be lots of picture , so proceed with your own risk and remember to prepare tissue just in case your nose start to bleed ! . :) 

Basically, these was what you will see when you toward to the conference hall where the PC fair was held. 

Intel PC Guru was the very 1st stop in PC Fair and it was the best placed to seek for consultant , if you plan to buy an Intel-based machine.
    The Banquet Hall was reserved specifically for audio brands.
  Crowd in the Ballroom area.


A lot of PC booth and also other stuff booth that full with PC related accessories along the hall.  


The many ways vendors were trying to attract customers. :) 

Some of the professional PC booth's Babes ! They sure is tempting right? :) 

The OSIDUN Radiation Reducer at Cudo Technologies booth. Simply the most unique product on sale at PC Fair(I) 2010 in KLCC. Do stop by at their booth to see them in action yourself.

Before you can get out from PC Fair, you have to go through the broadband war, where a lot of the the part time promoter from various broadband will try to stop you and explain their package to you. 

The surrounding scene outside of KL Convention Centre. 


lol it reminds me of a mall...well sorta a mall, for just electronics...except for the girls.. :P

Yup, Malaysia do have a mall just for electronics and it's "lowyat plaza" . :)

lol :P i dont remember wat the one in taiwan is...

I see. Haha, i will visit taiwan someday hehe.. :)

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