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Portuguese Settlement is a must visit place as it was the only place that we are able to taste Eurasian Dish in Malaysia. By the way,herbs, spices, shallots,lemon grass, vinegar and tamarind juice are vital ingredients in making perfectly authentic Portuguese delicacies. These ingredients give Portuguese cuisines the rich, aromatic and unique flavours. Like Nyonya food, Portuguese cuisine is another famous dish from Melaka as the Portuguese has been influential in Melaka’s history and culture, as well as the cooking style.

 A view from Portuguese Settlement to the Malacca Straits ! 
   A view from Malacca Straits to Portuguese Settlement ! 
   Restaurants of Portuguese Settlement ! 
  Welcome to Portuguese Settlement in Malacca ! Okey, let's waste no time and proceed to the food ! ^^ 
This is " Portuguese Special Butter Garlic Crab " ! 
Uncommon in an Asian recipe, butter used in this dish reflecting the Portuguese influence in Malacca. With the butter, lots of garlic also goes into this dish. The result is a deliciously garlic butter sauce, not unlike Steak Au Poivre. Blue crabs, Mud crabs, Stone or Dungeness crabs are simply scrumptious in this sauce ! 
    This is " Portuguese-style Baked Fish in spice paste and squid fritters" 
    The fish itself not very spicy and the dish included pieces of cucumber , onion and     lady fingers. It's a must try dish in Malacca ! ^

   This is " Malaysian Chicken Curry " ! 
    It is a typical chicken curry cooked in almost all Malaysian homes. This basic recipe uses a Made in Malaysia Meat Curry Powder. It has just the right blend of spices for an authentic 'Malaysian-tasting' curry! Some ingredients may vary as Eurasian homes might add carrots, more potatoes or a dash of Worcestershire sauce. Still, it was quite spicy for me as i keep on drinking water. 

   Opps, sorry for blurr image. >.<  This is " Malacca's Otak-otak ". 
 The otak-otak was pretty good too, although not as good as Muar’s, which is firmer in terms of texture and stronger in taste. If they have baked the otak-otak slightly longer to give it a crispy edge and firmer top layer, it would have been awesome.

This is " Sambal Razor clams " 
Taste quite spicy too but still not bad and the texture is just right, not too chewy ! 

This is" Portuguese Sambal Prawns "
A popular and easily available dish made from fresh prawns sambal - a paste made from onions, dried seedless chilies, sugar, lime and candlenuts that are scrumptious served fresh from thekuali (frying pan).

Lastly, this is " Brinjal Baked with Black Pepper " 
Baked brinjal is is nice but the black pepper smell is a little too strong. >.<


omg the food looks so yummy :D -drools-
u get to go so many places >.< lucky

LOL, thank you.
Well, you can visit Malaysia if you want hehe

lol if i ever get the chance to i will :P


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