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During our journey to Malacca , we purposely turn into the city of Seremban to full out our empty stomach. Seremban itself was like an empire of Siew Pow ! It was a food that you never miss when you visit Seremban !

They not just selling Siew Pow but also a restaurant where customer can order chinese food and so on. My apologize that i did not capture those chinese food we order because we was going to become zombie haha. What i can say is the crabs are awesome!! Just too bad no picture >.> 

There have being different variety of Siew Pow in this world such as Chicken or Pork Siew Poh. Still, the common Siew Poh was chicken. :) So don't forget to buy some Siew Poh when you visit Seremban ! See ya !  ^_^ 



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