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I believe most of you who visited Jonker Street before will probably taste Jonker88 cendol and ais kacang. If you didn't , then you have to have a try because it was really delicious !

Customers were queu-ing.
   A shop that famous for their food will be full with customer. So one of the quite troublesome thing in Jonker88 was the shop was so packed with customer and it was self serving service, so you will saw quite some customer holding their cendol or food waiting for a table or a seat to sit.

    At 1st i called the Baba Cendol. The taste was totally different from the other cendol that i tried before, it was sour taste. Besides, there got a lot of variety of cendol and each cendol was poured with different syrup.Honestly, i personally think that their cendol's taste was quite weird as i never taste any sour cendol before but the taste actually not bad.

  I'm curious with other cendol taste as well, so i order a Durian Cendol. The taste more or less quite same and the main taste was the durian syrup still the taste was sour. Very nice but still weird haha.

   Before i leave the shop, i noticed there's still a cendol with an awesome name that i didn't taste yet ! The name of the cendol was " Eight Precious Cendol"  , they also have the " Durian Eight Precious Cendol " so i order 1. The taste was same with the Durain Cendol , and i personally think the different was it have 8 different ingredient in it. However, Gula Melaka aka Malacca Sugar(Palm Sugar) and Santan were heavily drizzled on all the cendols  , still the amount of Palm Sugar and Santan they drizzled was just appropriate, not too sweet. Every cendols sell in Jonker88 cost Rm 3 which was quite pricey compare to other part but i think is worth to have a try.


mmmm looks yummy :D the white stuff on top looks like whipped cream or ice cream :P and i dont rly like foods tha r too sweet >.<

The cendol not really sweet for me but dunno it is sweet for you or not. :)

prob rly sweet for me thn :P

Why don't you try it 1st? hehe

lol thn send some over xD

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