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As i only got 24 hour to visit places Malacca , so at night we just visit back the jonker street again. At night, quite some of the shop in Jonker street were closed and the street had turned in to a night market !

Some light decoration on the old shop at night. :) 

Yup, a very crowded street. And at night you can find anything in here, it was like the Petaling Street in KL where you are able to buy some imitation product. hehe. 

The transformer have reborn by the power of stainless stell bar ! They're going to revenge on us ! 

Feel hungry? Want to buy a bowl of hot mee to eat ? Well, eat it and you will be dead due to poisoning. They're all make by plastic !! Hehe..

There's so many thing to see and buy , even the police on duty also cant resist it haha.. 


looks just like a night market in taiwan :D

Really? haha

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