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Malacca City was a historical city centre has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 7 July 2008 ! Which mean the city was full with historical attraction and also best for those history lovers. Yet, those who dislike the subject of history will also be happy while visiting Malacca City as the city have a few mega mall and also a famous street for shoppers called " Jonker Street " !! 

    Heavily decorated bicycle rickshaw in Malacca.

    Christ Church, Malacca
   Statue of St. Francis Xavier in front of St Paul Church, Malacca. 
   The ruin of the church can still be seen today ! 
(If you love history, read this: ) 

Built by Duarte Coelho, a Portuguese Captain in 1521 AD, the church was formerly a chapel for the Portuguese and it was named as “Nosa Senhora” – Our Lady of the Hill. Although these valuable ruins have been standing on top of the summit of St. Paul Hill in Melaka for centuries, the strong and thick bricks still remind one of the magnificence architecture of the chapel.
As Melaka was colonised by the Dutch from the hand of Portuguese in 1641, the fate of this former Portuguese chapel had been significantly changed. It was being used by the Dutch as a temporary praying place before their own church – the Christ Church was being completely constructed. Since that, the Dutch has renamed the Portuguese Chapel from “Nosa Senhora” – Our Lady of the Hill to St. Paul Hill.
When the Dutch’s Christ Church was completed, St. Paul Hill no longer played its role as a praying place and the Dutch turned it into a burial ground and graveyard. Several monumental tombstones, with Dutch words engraving on it were leaning against the wall in the church. The tombstones and the graveyard nearby were places for the Dutch to mourn their ancestors while they settled down in Melaka centuries ago.
In front of the church stood a huge pearl-white statue - the status of St. Francis Xavier. 27 years after Duarte Coelho built the church, Don Albuquerque, the Archbishop of Goa in India handed the church to the Society of Jesus. St. Francis Xavier, as the pioneer Catholic Missionary that time was appointed to receive the title on behalf of the society in 1548. 

   The tombstones with Dutch writing engraved here ! 
 (So to this: ) 

The statue was built in 1952 in order to commemorate this saint. However, many are curious about the missing right arm of the statue. The statue was not being constructed without the right arm on purpose. The completed statue was planned to be consecrated in the morning. However, a tree fell and broke off the statue’s right arm. Until today, the statue that stood in front of St. Paul Church has a missing right arm.
When you visit St. Paul Church, you will discover more than what you expected. Standing on the hill, what you see is not merely St. Francis Xavier statue, the church with thick brick or the Dutch monumental tombstones. What exist here are the unique blend of history and culture, a chapel built by a Portuguese captain, being handed to the Society of Jesus and later renamed by the Dutch. All these become what we see today.

The surviving gate of the A Famosa Portuguese fort in Malacca.
A Famosa or "The Famous" in Portuguese , is a fortress. It is among the oldest surviving European architectural remains in Asia. The Porta de Santiago, a small gate house, is the only remaining part of the fortress still standing.

As i said that for those who dislike history will also like it as it had " Jonker Street " !! Jonker street was formed by few streets that fill with shop lot that sell any kind of thing from antique to current trend ! Those shop's design was a mixture of chinese and malay culture and so does the people ! They're originally chinese but they was affected by other culture such as Malay , hence we call them " Baba Nyonya " 


   1 of the antique shop lot ! 

  An antique music player. :) 

An ancient( Not that ancient actually)  water taps which connect to the well. 

   The shop sell hand craft , arts and so on ! 
   In Malacca you can able to buy from



    Some random picture.

     The Straits of Malacca and the Eye of Malaysia view from Taming Sari Tower ! 

    The view of the city of Malacca from the Taming Sari Tower ! 

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