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There's a cendol stall that famous for its cendol just right in front of the indian temple along the Jalan Lumut. The stall was own  by Mr James Muniandy and his wife and they name it as " Sitiawan James Cendol " 

Although it was just a small stall , their cendol was famous for its taste. However, if you personally visit that area , you will be shock to find out that there's actually two cendol stall at that area. What you can do to identify the right cendol stall are go for the stall that have a picture being placed to display and you will also notice the number of customer are different between both of the stall. :) Besides,  you can easily spot Mr James Muniandy or his wife. They are always wearing a white chef hat and a red bow tie.
   Because of his delicious cendol, Mr James was summoned by the Sultan Perak to prepare his much loved      cendol for 250 guests in the palace. 

   This is what we called " Cendol Biasa " aka " Normal Cendol " . The ingredient of the cendol include , green starch noodles, coconut milk, shaved ice , red beans and brown sugar. I kind of like the coconut milk taste in my cendol and the good thing was , she actually pour quite some amount of milk and also other ingredient in it which make the cendol looked not so plain and more tasty. 


   They also have the cendol added with glutinous rice. It is for the customer who want to eat their cendol as lunch , because we normally will few full or not hungry after ate the glutinous rice as it's full of carbohydrate and so on. :) 
Well, for normal cendol, each bowl will cost rm 1.50 while the special cendol which was added with glutinous rice will cost rm 1.80. The store location was, in front of Sitiawan Indian temple, of Jalan Lumut, around The Store super market in Sitiawan. 


James Cendol now drop standard. Although still it's nice, but If you like cendol with a thick taste, I recommend the stall behind Wisma Ganda.

I did heard of that stall behind Wisma Ganda. So you tried both of them before eh? :)

Yeah, tried both.

Sure , thanks for your comment. :)

omg it looks so yummy :D
u should send some over lol xD

Come ! visit my hometown haha..

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