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Most of the us especially obese person feel very difficult or torture to do exercises such as jogging and so on , they will often feel very tired. Unfortunately , in order to achieve the goal of being slim , one have to sacrifice something else as well as investing some hard work.

1 : Walking.

Walking is one of the easiest way to keep fit , and you have to move in order to burn off calories and also to keep your metabolism active. Try to put walking as your habit such as park your car further away from your destination and have a good evening walk at the park.If you can manage a regular exercise regimen comprised of sustained activity for 30 minutes a day, you’re in good shape.

2 : Climb Stairs 

Climbing stairs although is a bit tiring but is a good way to get your heart pumping . You can set your own limit of the speed or climb at a steady place. So try not to use lift and use the stairs instead. 

3 : Sleep early. 

I had a bad habit which was stayed up late at night.And i finally realise that it was actually bad to health , so what does sleeping got to do with keeping fit? Well, when you sleep , your body actually start to repair themselves and replace all the damage cells as well as to rest the body and to build up the immunity of a person. After a hard day of working and so on, give it the rest it deserves to keep you chugging along well the next day to prevent yourself from easily getting sick. 

4 : Eat more food vegetables !

Stop eating those fried food that have high cholesterol and high calories such as the fried chicken that being served by most fast food restaurant and as well as red meat , caffein , sugar and salt . I know they're delicious , everybody love those kind of food , cant deny that i actually also love eating those kind of food. And i do know that a lot of people don't like to eat vegetables , but i have saw a lot of people falling into the clutches of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease , so do you wanna to be one of those people? In fact , eating vegetables can reduce our daily intakes of calories isn't it great? Oh ya , don't forget to save your hard earn money by cutting down the junk food you consume. 

5 : Never let yourself hungry 

Many people undereat to lose weight. In fact , this is a very bad idea , although it does lose weight , but  the weight lost is not from fat, they are from mucles, nerves, and other useful living tissues. Only 1 % of your weight loss from fat. if you undereat. The worst is you might also suffer from some diseases such as gastric pain. So what can you do to keep yourself away from hunger? For me i will choose fruit , because fruit is full with nutritious which will bring benefit to our health and also prevent us from starving. 

Hoping this article will lead you all to a better and slimmer life.

Note: This article just for starters , in order to complete slim down you need to have a good diet and proper       exercise,after you suit yourself to this then head to a much advance exercising and slimming plan. Good Luck!


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