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Every time i went to KL City Centre , i mostly went there by car and this is my first time travel with public transport . SO now , I as the future Prime Minister of Malaysia ! As usual will follow other Minister-Minister to use the public transport and tried to feel the suffering of those loyalty public transport passenger.

I started my journey from Maluri LRT Station.

The LRT was quite crowded but still got some space for me and i felt safe that i wont get molest by strangers ! Hehe

This uncle was really kind ! He offered the seat for my uncle ! He was one of the good example of 1Malaysia!
I travel from Station Maluri to Station Hang Tuah by LRT. Then, change to the next station( KL Monorial) and went to Station Bukit Bintang by KL Monorial.
Damn ! The KL Monorial was worst ! It was pack like sardines , cant believe i had lost my pureness to the surrounding stranger in just 1 day  !! Ahhhh!!!

  We went to several Mall such as Sungei Wang , Times Square and Pavilion !

This is the surrouding of the Pavilion ,you can see that there is a big fountain right in front of the Mall ! The fountain was placed and design by an unknown Feng Shui Master and it is a Wishing Fountain !I had placed my wish in the fountain , so wish me wish come true ya.. :)
The Wishing Fountain again! Haha
Pavilion is a girl paradise but a boy nightmare ! Well, I'm future Prime Minister !! SO who cares??
The picture below are some random picture taken in Bukit Bintang area and the objective was to share with my oversea friend ! :D Enjoy~



lol including me in ur post eh future prime minister? :P
awesome pics tho >.<
its almost chinese new year :D
and omg beware of snatch theif o.o
taiwan also had the uhm....train...kinda thing...i dont remember the correct term D:

LOL, just kidding...
Thank you neh !! Yup chinese new year just around the corner >.< Haha, Malaysia got a lot of snatch thief so is normal.. :) I think a lot of coutnry also have those kind of train as public transport. :)

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