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At night, we went to Tai Thong restaurant in Cheras Plaza ( Near Leisure Mall ) . I didn't took a lot of picture due to busy serving guest, relatives and friends.

The guest hallway to the entrance!

The entrance.

   This is the 1st dish of the dinner and also consider as the starting meal. Before the dinner start, the lights were turned off , and about ten servant came in holding the 1st dish with some kind of special fibre tree equipped with colour lights for special effect. And they start to say some alien language....

    As usual, the 1st dish will start with a few kind of food in it normally 4-5 type of food.
   And the shark fin soup will be the second dish.
  My favourite dish ! Fried crispy piglet ! However, this dish just half piglet and half roasted chicken *sigh*
  The main character again. Pouring wine into the glasses which arranged in a pyramid shape.
   This is my cousin's daughter. She is so cute .. O.O


D: omg shark fins?? T.T poor sharks
n omg i can c the pig's head DX

Yeah, they're very delicious , eventhough i know is cruel. :)

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