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BARCELONA, Spain — Cellphones aren’t the only things on display at the Mobile World Congress show. Motorola is showing off its new headset, the Golden-i, a joint venture with mini-display maker Kopin. It makes the need for typed commands almost obselete. The hands-free terminal fits under a contructional helmet and provides a tiny little screen before your eye. This screen simulates a 15 inch display and also has a headphone, a microphone along with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for talking to other devices. Simply use some cool voice-controlled commands to call out names of folders and application to open or launch them. The voice detection software, supplied by Nuance and called VoCon3200, ignores normal conversation, only listening to commands when there is a gap first, so you can say “my pictures” as part of sentence and it will be ignored. Besides, the headset also tracks the position of your head, so you can move around and have, say, picture overlaid on reality stay put.
Surely, this will remind you of some futurist sci-fi flick you must've seen a few years ago. 


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