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A few days ago, my friend ( George ) suddenly mentioned to me about what his friend has thought about. What his friend thought was , normally when someone's wife are pregnant, a lot of their relatives will pay them a visit and also to congratulate them by rubbing their hand gently on the wife's belly. Somehow, why nobody rub their hand gently on the husband's penis? Well, because it was the penis who did most of the job , so my friend's friend feel that it was like the penis did not get any reward for the job done.

However, come to think about it, i personally will find it weird and also awkward when my penis will be molest by all of my relatives. So what do you think about it? :) Do you agree with George's friend? Please share your opinion.


Belly FTW!

LOL, why you prefer belly? :)

What the fuck is this? Seriously, they're rubbing her belly, not her vagina. The probable reason for that is that they're excited about the little boy/girl growing inside, not proud of the intercourse that led to it. Rubbing the belly isn't some kind of prize for conception.

And really? Why would the guy receive a "reward" anyways? Does the thirty seconds it took him to cum really compare to the 9 months and labour pains his lady friend is going to have to endure? No, I thought not.

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