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The fine harman/kardon speakers wisely selected by Toshiba are very impressive indeed. Placed underneath the not-so-pretty metal grills (which traps dusts), the harman/ kardon speakers generate spectacular sound effects of good and clear quality. The effects of the speakers are tangible, even to the most oblivious people. Unlike previous harman/kardon speakers (i.e. Toshiba M100), the loudspeakers in the Qosmio F60 can be adjusted to very high volumes indeed, with only slight compromise on sound quality. These loudspeakers definitely live up to Qosmio’s name; buyers will surely be appalled by what these speakers can do.

Battery Life

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to expect from a 15 incher with a 6-cell battery. The wider screen is more power consuming and the small capacity of the 6-cell battery doesn’t help much either. No 9-cell batteries are available for the Qosmio f60 at the moment. Under the Eco- Utility mode (dimmest brightness), the Qosmio F60 managed to squeeze out 2 hours of normal usage (web browsing). The Eco- Utility showed an average power consumption of 20-25W when Eco- mode is switched on.


The Toshiba Qosmio F60 packs quite a lot of punch for a notebook of  such a niche. If you are looking for a mid-level multimedia notebook with extremely sleek looks, then the Toshiba Qosmio F60 may be worth considering as it certainly lived up to its name as an impressive multimedia notebook. However, the presence of a large numbers of rival notebooks with similar or better specifications may actually decrease the amount of potential buyers where many would probably opt for cheaper alternatives. 

Lastly, i would like to thanks Dr. Tan Ji for providing me photos and also helping me to complete this review ! He had spent endless time to help me and i hope you all will enjoy and appreciate our review! Thank you.  


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