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The Qosmio F60 aims to impress. Did it?

Quintessentially Qosmio
The Qosmio series is generally regarded as Toshiba’s best high- performance desktop replacement laptops, offering laptops of high quality and performance, especially in terms of multimedia applications.  The latest addition to the Qosmio family is the Toshiba Qosmio F60. Launched during the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2010, the Qosmio F60 had only one aim, which is to impress.
Priced within the range of RM3,799 to RM4,799 (as of 14.4.2010, depending on configurations) in Malaysia, the Qosmio F60 is currently the cheapest within the family, yet promising decent and up-to-date specifications. The substantially cheaper pricing of the Qosmio F60 significantly increases its affordability compared to other Qosmio units. Apart from the competitive pricing, Toshiba has also gone through great lengths in redefining the perspectives on Qosmio units with the Qosmio F60. Sized at a moderate 15.6”, thickness of about 1 inch and with the weight of approximately 2.9Kg, the Qosmio F60 offers more portability than its brothers, yet still retaining the awesome looks and performances unique to all Qosmio units. Armed with an Intel Core i3/i5 Processors and NVIDIA GeForce GT330M, coupled with high quality harman/kardon speakers, the Qosmio F60 will most definitely satisfy multimedia requirements with relative ease. Currently, the 2 variants of Toshiba Qosmio F60 available in Malaysia are the Qosmio F60-S530 and the Qosmio F60- BD531 as illustrated in the brochure below:

The Qosmio F60 brochure can be downloaded from the official Toshiba webpage:

The subject of this particular review is the Qosmio F60-BD531                               


The dimensions of the Qosmio F60 are 387.6 x 266.8 x 29.1/34.8mm respectively, with a weight claim of 2.7kg, which is a rather doubtful statement. The built material utilized for the Qosmio F60 is generally plastic, with extra touches of aluminum for increased support and sturdiness. The overall stability of the laptop is impressive, with only slight exhibition of bending under strong selective pressure. The   weakest portion of the Qosmio F60 lies at the optical drive, which has a higher tendency to bend under stress.

A majority of the surfaces of the Qosmio F60 assume 

a highly- glossy finish which, despite its stylish and 
never-old looks; show a relatively high affinity
 towards fingerprints and dust particles. Brilliant
 red plastic components with a matte-like 
appearance are used to beef up the built quality
 as well as the looks of the Qosmio F60. The Qosmio
 F60 only comes in one color, which is indeed, a
 rather brilliant Fusion Red Finish, especially
 on the lid of the notebook. Highly reflective and
 awfully attractive with the classy “Qosmio” imprint,the lid is susceptible to scratches, fingerprintsdusts and not to mention thefts. A plastic screen is
included upon purchase for the protection of the
lid. The monitor can be adjusted easily, with the 
hinges not being too tight or too loose. Similar to 
most laptops with larger screens, the monitor tends 
to “shake” upon intense vibrations, which is generally acceptable due to its larger size and heavier weight. 

All in all, the workmanship of the Qosmio F60 is very impressive with no significant flaws. Parts are nicely and appropriately assembled together with no signs of deterioration any time soon. For those who are thinking twice about the glossy design, you will get a nylon cloth for free to wipe away all your worries


The 15.6 size of the Qosmio F60 allows ample  of space for the allocation of an extra Numpad which can really become in handy especially for work-related purposes. Keyboard buttons are flat and display English letterings, which may require some getting used to for those who are accustomed to German letterings. Typing on the keyboard feels very pleasant ; however, the slight inclinations of the keyboard buttons may tend to collect dust in time. Additionally, the glossy material used for the buttons may become oily after prolonged usage. Even so, don't forget about free cloth mentioned earlier~ Similar to all Toshiba notebooks, the Qosmio F60 also comes with Fn keys for adjusting brightness, wireless setting, touchpad etc.

A quick glance on the upper right portion of the keyboard would reveal strikingly attractive feather touch buttons which, as the names suggest, are buttons which respond to touches. The buttons provide control over the Eco Utility mode ( Toshiba's power saving program) , WiFi, Toshiba's Bulletin Board , Stop/Play functions, mute settings as well as volume controls. All buttons glow in white, except for the Eco Utility button which lights up in a brilliant dark green. The feather touch buttons are indeed very responsive and produce a classic " beep " sound upon pressing.

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I also bought mine Qosmio f60-BD531 on 3rd of April.
Mine come with 500gb external hdd (given Buffalo brand due to lack of stock),a sling bag and I exchange free gifts for antivirus (given trend micro internet security for 3 pc but 2008 version). RM4799.
How about yours? What you get? Including sling bag?
Ps. from my experience, there is one layer of "carpet" under the hinge which i thought was dusk. I poke paper in to check, don't do that as it can spoil the "carpet" easily.
The graphic card driver is outdated and i failed to update it. It is lower clocked that it suppose to be.
Your email address not working for me.

Sorry Bick for replying late.
I was not aware that so fast got a people post a comment on my unfinish blog entry. :)
Yep, i got a sling bag and a 500GB toshiba external hard disk. For my opinion, i think you get more freebies than me, you bought it during PC fair right?
I see. Thank you for informing about your experience. Try to re-update and see. :) Which email you mean?

Yup, duing PC fair in Sungai Petani but not Picom pc fair. Here got 2 pc fair at the same time. When you bought it?
This not working for me.(

Here got discussion about Qosmio F60 too: f60

My Windows Experience Index
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 520 6.8
Memory (RAM) 4.00 GB 5.9
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M 6.4
Gaming graphics 6.4
Primary hard disk 5.8
Windows 7 Home Premium

I bought it during late of march and got it on the day of April Fool.
Oh yea, i knew those thread.

Your Windows Experience Index not bad .

Oh ya, how come the email not working?

I saw this price at Lowyat shops.
Toshiba F60-S530, i3 330M + Nvidia GT330M@RM3599
One shop even offer 500gb Ext. HDD, 2nd and 3rd years warranty and some free gifts...if not mistaken. Lowyat ground floor. Cheap.

I mean second and third year local warranty.

That's a nice deal. I wonder will the shopkeeper change something in the laptop?
Anyway, you bought at that shop?

Nope. I didn't buy in KL.

Anyone managed to convert from 32-bit OS to 64-bit OS? Encountered any problems worth mentioning?
Plan to switch to 64-bit soon, don't want to procrastinate any longer haha XD XD

While holding down "0", switch on your Qosmio F60 will lead you to choose between window 7 32/64bit.
Beware, it will cause you to loose all your stuff in your hard disk so remember to back up. It will warn you about that too before you proceed. It is hard disk system recovery.

@Kiing where you bought it?

I bought it during PC fair in Central Square,Sungai Petani. Actually the seller is from Butterworth. Sungai Petani always have 2 pc fairs at a time. One PICOM pc fair and another something else (I bought it from this pc fair).

I see. Sorry for the late reply. >.<

You also bought it with RM4799?

@erika Central square, sungai petani is a place in Kedah...

@ Kiing Did they sell qosmio x500?? wat's the price??

I don't know whether they sell qosmio x500 or not, no display unit seen.

@Kiing did u go for the PC fair in CS which has just ended?? U live thr or u study thr?? coz actually I study at aimst university so i went back already when there got PIKOM PC fair...

No. I bought mine during April pc fair. I didn't go SP/Alor Setar pc fair this time. Miss both. I'm AIMST student too.

@Kiing, sorry for not replying your comment. I did not saw it. >.< Yep, rm 4799 . :)

@Mike, thanks for telling me. :)

@Kiing r u a degree student?? If yes which course??

@ Eriku so far got any prob.with this comp.?

@Mike, Ya, I'm doing MBBS final year. Now in Alor Setar.

@Eriku, never mind la.

@Mike So far so good ^^

@Kinng Thanks. So how's your laptop? :)

My laptop ok la. Easily get dirty.

thanks for sharing

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