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People often said most of the good person have extincted. However, did you all think about the situation of a good guy have to face? Maybe most of the definition of "Good Guy" are different from everyone, this is because everyone have their personal opinion to define it. For me, my definition of "Good Guy" is , a person have to be kind, loyalty, understandable, patience , responsible toward what he done and so on.

So what if a guy that has all this good value, he like to help people, understandable and very forgiving and doesn't mind things. What do you think he will face? For me, he will face of been bullied. Why? This is because there's a lot of people who is so selfish and lazy and tend to take advantage toward other people ! These people will asked him to help them out almost anything, from homework to school's chores. People will borrow stuff or thing and even money from him but at the end not returning or those things that borrowed gone MIA. 

For me, most of the people seem to be don't know how to appreciate things ! When they got something easily, they wont appreciate , they will just treat it like something can be easily get ! This is a very bad habit for human being. That's why good guy always will be treated as slave and unappreciated. 

How about a smart  good guy? Does a SMART good guy exist? For my opinion, No ! It doesn't exist. Why? If you are smart , it is impossible for you to be good guy.Why? Everybody knew that in the real world, we will face a lot of obstacle and problem , this is because there's a lot of different people and different characteristic. Some of them even willing to sacrifice their best buddy for the benefits of themselves. If a smart guy meet this kind of ungrateful people, he will knew it and he have to take action by killing him before he get kill by that guy. 

My conclusion is, how can a person become kind, understandable and all those good values when there is so much cruel people in this world? A good guy will got stepped on his head by other people. Don't you agree?Give me our opinion. 


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