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I bet most of the peoples in Malaysia had known about a cafe called " Full House " which have few outlet in KL/Selangor areas, their main outlet was located in Nui Ze Xui, Petaling Jaya. So i will cut it short without go into the detail of the shop. Those who been there before should knew the uniqueness of the decoration of the shop and i personally felt that the decoration of the shop was like bringing me to a fantasy and romance white world , i strongly suggest that you all (boys) can bring your gf to that shop for a good dating experience as i believe most girls love tis kind of decoration. 

I had heard that the owner of the Full House Cafe came out this idea because he was been inspired by one of the korean drama called " Full House" . Believe it or not , the owner was a korean. 

From the entrance of the Full House Cafe, i believe most of you might imagine how's the interior but let's skip about the interior and we talk about food  instead. 

Yup, i believe most of you had seen cartoon food menu , so what do you think about this 1? I personally think their menu was quite cute  and the main idea was they wanna express how their food gonna look like to the customer with cartoon and ofcourse with surprises when the food was been served by the waiter. 

Their set menu also contain four different name and those name consist of Thomas, Tiffany, Tracy and Tony's favourite meals. I had ordered Tiffany's set meal as i was curious about their Pan-Sear Doly Fish while my friend ordered Tony's set meal which was Wok-Sear Chicken Chop.

 Surprisingly, i had been served with Ice Lemon Tea and Mushroom Cappucino Soup instead of Cream of Chicken Soup and Lime Juice. Maybe , there's human error or some sort of reason behind it . 

 The Mushroom Cappucino Soup tasted unique as it's far different from those " Pizza Hut " normal mushroom soup , you're able to taste a little bit of the Cappucino's taste , the taste was so unique and i was unable to fully describe the taste. Unfortunately, although i felt the taste of the Mushroom Soup was unique but my friend think opposite , when he asked me what do you think about the soup , i gave him the answer which was what i thought and for me it deserve the answer which was delicious and unique . When he listening to my answer while drinking the ice lemon tea , he spilled out the tea on me, i was like WHAT ? !! . So the conclusion, i found the soup not bad but you might think the soup taste " Suck " . 
The Wok-Sear Chicken Chop was served with a few vegetables ,mashed potatoes and black pepper source. Due to the smell which tempt my stomach, i had borrowed a few slices of chicken chop from my friend, the chicken taste not bad. I must said that the unique and the delicious of this chicken chop was from the source instead. The source taste just right without too spicy or lack of black pepper's taste. Guess what? It just cost Rm 14.90 , not pricey for average people to enjoy some good food right? 

My Pan-Sear Doly Fish was served with almost the same ingredient with the Wok-Sear Chicken Chop except the source and the fish itself haha. The fish tasted not bad and again the unique of the dish came from the source itself. The source was pretty creamy and it has slightly minty taste. Recommanded too as it only cost Rm 12.90. 
We have been served with tarts as dessert , the tarts tasted pretty normal. 
Surrounding of Full House Cafe. 
 They even got a bed in the Cafe ! 
Well, this is what girls like the most ! " Eat and Shop " concept ! They do sell some cloth and cute looking food. 
At the last section of their Menu also contain some comic which was in chinese language. I did not really read through it but the character in the comic , i believe it's the 4 set meal's character which i mentioned earlier. 

Quoted from Vkeong . " NZX feels like a dead place. I don’t really like the place because it’s dim and stuffy. It is supposed to be some sort off flea market but there are simply not enough shops open. And the way leading to NZX from LDP is damn weird and confusing for first timers because you actually have to go through a residential area. " 

This is to have those first comer to be alert to the condition of NZX. 

The main shop located at: 
Fullhouse Lifestyle and Cafe
C-G-11, Nui Ze Xui @ Ara Damansara
Pusat Dagangan NZX, No 2 Jalan PJU 1A/41B
Ara Jaya PJU 1A, 47301 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor , Malaysia. 
Tel: 03-7885 0836
Fax: 03-7885 0839

This was my 1st time watching twilight and i didn't watch twilight 1 and 2 but since my friend invited me i decided to go with them. Besides,I had told my brother that i'm gonna watch Twilight this morning and he asked me not to expect much as it was a girl's movies ! Well, i didn't think much after that since it have some werewolves and vampire it wont be so bored right? So this morning i went to Mid Valley's cinema together with friend , sat at the cinema sit enjoying other movie trailor and finally the movie started ! The movie last about 2 hour+ and during the 2 hour+ i'm suffering ! The movie was so bored that i couldn't stand ! I'm amazed that my female friend slept in the cinema while watching that movie, it was supposed to be a girl's movie and it successfully caused GIRLS to sleep during the movie was airing , i believe the movie FAILED BIG TIME !

The director seem to be wanna show off some of the actor muscle which make me felt like i was watching some girl's pornography, because right after the movie started , it began the kissing scene and after a while kissing scene again ! And again and again !!!

I personally believe it bored till the max ! Sorry Twilight's fan , no offence . I believe i wont watch twilight again hahahaha.. !!

Although i don't watch World Cup , but i'm one of the Germany Supporter ! I think i had butthurt my friend haha. This is because most of my friend were England's fans and as the newspaper claimed that Germany had humiliated England during last match and they hope Argentina will help England to defeat Germany. Unfortunately, The Hand of God's team failed to do so and ate 0 with 4 slapped from Germany and i personally think Germany deserve the win as they won with their own ability. Hail to Germany ! :) 

Before the match a lot of people have high hope in Argentina especially those involved in Football illegal betting( pity them ) , not surprising because even the fifa website also expect that the Argentina will win the match.

The power of God of Hand !!! ( After the defeat lol.. hehe )
Deutschland FTW !! ^_^

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