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Lately, after moving into a new place with a new college ,i had been meeting a lot of new people with different type of attitude and so on, i really enjoy about it. However, so coincidently there's 2 person called " Jason" but just the english name Jason still ok because that name was kind of common nowadays, but they got same surname too !! Although the spelling of the surname was different but the pronunciation were SAME ! It makes me frustrated whenever i call 1 of them , both of them will reply me and stare at me. -.-ll The worst is , i dunno their chinese name and my memory was quite bad ( Old already, cant be blame) so sometimes i really felt that i wanna change their name to something else which was more easy to call and also to be remember.

*Yo, both of the Jason, don't feel offence man ! This was all just a dream and unreal. * :)


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