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This was my 1st time watching twilight and i didn't watch twilight 1 and 2 but since my friend invited me i decided to go with them. Besides,I had told my brother that i'm gonna watch Twilight this morning and he asked me not to expect much as it was a girl's movies ! Well, i didn't think much after that since it have some werewolves and vampire it wont be so bored right? So this morning i went to Mid Valley's cinema together with friend , sat at the cinema sit enjoying other movie trailor and finally the movie started ! The movie last about 2 hour+ and during the 2 hour+ i'm suffering ! The movie was so bored that i couldn't stand ! I'm amazed that my female friend slept in the cinema while watching that movie, it was supposed to be a girl's movie and it successfully caused GIRLS to sleep during the movie was airing , i believe the movie FAILED BIG TIME !

The director seem to be wanna show off some of the actor muscle which make me felt like i was watching some girl's pornography, because right after the movie started , it began the kissing scene and after a while kissing scene again ! And again and again !!!

I personally believe it bored till the max ! Sorry Twilight's fan , no offence . I believe i wont watch twilight again hahahaha.. !!


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